Stroud Ambitions 2017 Stroud district’s biggest careers event Wednesday 8th November 4.30pm – 7.30pm
Stratford Park Leisure Centre, Stroud
A free careers event for all ages, organised by Stroud District Council and SGS College Stroud


Stroud Ambitions is the biggest annual careers event in the district and is a unique opportunity for adults and young people to talk to experts and employers from a wide range of businesses and organisations. Whether you want to find a new job, re-train, or take your first step on the career ladder there is something for you at the event. Universities, colleges and local school 6th forms will be there too if you’re thinking of furthering your education.

You can talk to experts from many employment sectors, get advice from independent careers advisers, apprenticeship providers, universities and local colleges and gain valuable information from the Department of Work and Pensions team.

The event aims to provide a comprehensive guide to future employment and further study or skills development. More and more people are choosing not to stay in the same career for life any more, and a range of factors can result in people needing to find a new job, go back to education, or start again on the career ladder. Whatever your needs, the event will help you find the support and information you need to take your next steps.  

A range of skills and interests are catered for. As well as large companies in the private sector, small employers, the public sector and the voluntary sector will also be represented. Take a look at the exhibitors list below to see the businesses and organisations that participated at Ambitions 2017.

This is a free event and there is no need to book.


We are absolutely delighted with the  number of employers, universities, schools, colleges, community and voluntary sector groups and careers advisors committed to Stroud Ambitions 2017. The list of participants will be updated as more partners confirm their attendance.


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2017 daytime event Wednesday 8th November, 9am – 3pm, Stratford Park Leisure Centre

As well as the evening careers fair Stroud Ambitions plays host to schools from across the district when the daytime event for 13-14-year-olds welcomes over 1,000 students from eight local secondary schools. They participate in interactive workshops with the aim of enhancing their knowledge of the opportunities and types of employment their qualifications and abilities could lead to.

Stroud Ambitions celebrates and showcases the range of employment opportunities available locally, encouraging students to consider a wide range of careers. However, it is more than just a straightforward careers event. From the onset, a key aim was to strengthen partnerships and further develop business and education links.

We believe it important to raise awareness of employer-requirements in harder-to-fill sectors, such as building and construction and care. Gloucestershire has an ageing population and people are urgently required to support their needs: for example, Stroud has recently become a dementia-friendly district and one interactive workshop focusses on the impacts of this growing issue and the skills needed to work in this sector.

We also need a workforce to build houses, carry out repairs and maintenance and improve existing infrastructure. Encouraging businesses to employ apprentices and helping young people (plus schools and parents) to appreciate the benefits of earning-as-you-learn is also a vital element of Stroud Ambitions.

Stroud Ambitions has far-reaching benefits for the community and the longer it goes on, the more we can measure outcomes. One of the 2016 participants told us:

'This is the most successful careers event I've been to yet. So many interested young people finding out about outdoor careers. It has been really worthwhile, having the evening so students could come back and  discuss in detail. We've had the opportunity to talk to adults about volunteering too'

Why a Year 9 workshop event?

Year 9 is, generally when students at school must for the first time choose what academic or vocational subjects they want to pursue for the rest of their compulsory school life. These choices can determine the future interests and paths they take into higher education and employment. Our head teachers all agree that this event will be instrumental in boosting their students’ knowledge and confidence to choose the most relevant courses for them in an increasingly complex jobs market. It will also interest them in careers in these sectors from an early stage.

Stroud Ambitions is organised by Stroud District Council’s Business & Education Liaison Officer & the Senior Policy Officer with John Walker, Head of Schools Engagement at SGS College. We are very fortunate to have so many supportive partners from the business community. Stroud District Local Strategic Partnership members and Councillors also give up their time and energy to work together for a shared purpose and we cannot thank them enough.

Photos from the 2016 schools event:


From contributors

  • Ambitions is a great platform to get young people thinking about their next steps in life
  • This is the most successful careers event I've been to yet. So many interested young people finding out about outdoor courses. It has been really worthwhile having the evening so students could come back and discuss in detail. We've had the opportunity to talk to adults about volunteering too 
  • Our team thought it really good and enjoyed the interaction with all participants and it is good to put something back into the community. Consider us in for next year
  • A big fat thank you the team for all the help, guidance, support and coffee that made the event so positive for us.  We would love to be involved again next year and we would be very happy to help in promoting the event and supporting other potential participants
  • Well done for hosting and organising such a  great event
  • Thanks again for putting this event on, I think it’s really valuable, and was, as always, extremely well run and organised
  • Would be great to see this event in other districts - it is excellent!
  • Students were motivated & engaged. They saw the importance of taking part


From students attending the event

  • It was easy to speak to a wide range of people on varied subjects in one location
  • It gave me things to think about & a better way to research future possibilities
  • It helped me gain an understanding of the different career paths
  • The people running stalls were all willing to talk in depth
  • I was able to talk to the people who worked in the jobs I am interested in
  • The people were helpful & full of knowledge
  • The people I talked to were interesting & helped me a lot

From parents and adults

  • An excellent, friendly event. Made my daughter feel very comfortable
  • My daughter now knows she needs not only qualifications but a personal portfolio
  • What a wonderful interactive experience for all those young people and how well they were managed to maximise the benefit of being there
  • It was really useful chatting to apprenticeship providers who really elaborated on what was on offer
  • Great having the Armed Forces & Police here - and lots of local providers
  • Great opportunity for young people to explore what is out there
  • My daughter was able to chat with a number of female professionals and discover, for instance, that engineering is not just for boys
  • It was very useful talking to local professionals. They gave advice relevant to opportunities nearby not generic nationwide. Do it again please!
  • It helped open my son's eyes to what choices he has & also to things he'd not thought of & had no knowledge about
  • The most useful things about the event were the positive attitude of the employers & the opportunities available/different routes eg degrees + apprenticeships. Very encouraging to my son. Keep it up!
  • The people from the different companies were so willing to talk to us & told us things we wouldn't have thought to ask about

Exhibitor info


Participants’ Briefing - October 2017 



Over 1,000 yr9 students from local schools attended during the daytime and nearly 600 adults and students joined us for the evening session. A report is currently being prepared and will be published in due course.


Evaluation summary report - PDF


Additional Sponsors

Stroud Ambitions and SGS College are extremely grateful to the Magnox Socio-Economic Fund, the University of Gloucestershire, Wheatley Printers, SMH and the Rotary Club Nailsworth for providing additional sponsorship - as well as to members of the Stroud District Local Strategic Partnership who offer time, guidance and all-round support.